Lavender Tea: A Floral Delight

Over many centuries, people have come to admire the pleasant look, aroma and taste of the lavender flower. This small flowering shrub is noted for its delicate purple flowers, after which the color lavender is named. The most common variety, Lavandula angustifolia, is known as common lavender, true lavender, or English lavender; this title is a misnomer, as is not actually native to England, but to the western Mediterranean regions of Europe. Lavender is a popular ornamental shrub for gardening, and is sometimes used in cooking as well. However, it is mostly cultivated today for its fragrance, which is a common ingredient in perfumes, beauty supplies, soaps, potpourri and other scented items. The history of lavender’s use dates back to ancient Egypt, when it was used in embalming as well as perfumes. It was a popular and expensive herb in Greece and Rome, and by the Middle Ages, had been spread across Europe with a reputation as a disinfectant and deodorant. The tea made from lavender was a favorite of Queen Elisabeth the First, and is also one of today’s more popular herbal teas, and is best known for its pleasant scent and soothing properties.

Soothing and Relaxing

Lavender tea’s most prominent benefit is its ability to promote relaxation and ease feelings of stress. This ability is believed to be the effect of its soothing aroma, which is released very strongly from a freshly brewed cup of lavender tea. When steeped, the essential oils in lavender are released, resulting in a strong, perfume-like scent. It is these essential oils that impart their healing effects. Several studies have shown that the scent of lavender has the ability to relax the nerves. This effect is highly beneficial for helping to cope with feelings of stress, as it releases tension in the body and supports a feeling of calmness. For those who have difficulty sleeping, this may help to relax the body and promote falling asleep more quickly. Lavender tea has also been shown to have a positive effect on mood as well, and may promote more positive feelings and ease mental anxiety.

Promotes Digestion

Lavender tea is also a rewarding way to support healthy digestion. The soothing effect of lavender’s essential oils, unlocked in the steeping process, help to ease digestive distress by relaxing the stomach muscles and the smooth muscle in the intestines, responsible for the passage of waste. This may bring relief to several symptoms of digestive upset, including nausea and abdominal cramping. Early evidence also suggests that lavender may reduce the occurrence of peptic ulcers.

Supports Immune Health

Yet another benefit of lavender tea is its positive effect on the immune system. Lavender is equipped with a number of natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agents which support the body’s ability to fend off invading bacteria and other infectious agents. Other effects of lavender also serve to promote immune function. Its respiratory effects may help to clear mucus from the lungs, a common side effect of respiratory or sinus infection. Lavender tea may also be used externally to promote wound healing and naturally disinfect wounds.


To prepare a soothing cup of lavender tea, take one tea bag and place in a cup of hot water. Allow for the tea to steep for five to ten minutes. Once tea has reached desired strength, remove and dispose of the tea bag. Add sugar or honey as desired. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid lavender tea, as not enough is known about its potential for interaction. Individuals on prescription medication, especially sedative medication, are advised to consult with a physician about possible interactions with lavender tea.

Few teas offer the same soothing qualities that lavender tea provides. For those seeking a pleasant and natural way to encourage relaxation and ease feelings of stress, lavender is an ideal choice. However, while lavender is a common ingredient in many relaxation blends, it is not often seen on a store shelf as its own individual tea. Those who wish to experience the full benefits of lavender tea often turn to online retailers. When making an online purchase, it is imperative that you choose a company who can provide a quality product and trustworthy, reliable customer service. Few meet these criteria so well as Buddha Teas. Their expansive collection of organic herbal teas is made of the highest quality herbs, prepared by hand with bleach-free tea bags and packaged in eco-friendly boxes. With Buddha Teas, you can enjoy the fresh taste of a pure herbal tea without the addition of any chemicals or artificial sweeteners, leaving you worry-free. We hope this article has helped to illuminate to you the benefits lavender tea may offer. If you should have any further questions about lavender tea and its many benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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